Commemorative Bronze Portal Inscription

Commemorative Bronze Portal Inscription

Bronze doors, sculpted with scenes from the Old and New Testaments, adorning the entryway, provide an opportunity for proclaiming the Gospel message even when the Church is closed.  Your name on the inside of a Portal is an enduring testimonial to your faith and your desire to spread the Gospel of the Lord.

To dedicate a Commemorative Bronze Portal Inscription requires a commitment of $750

Inscription is limited to the first and last names of a married couple or an individual, and may include FAMILY at the end of the engraving line.   

We will acknowledge your gift and send you the engraving information for approval prior to having the plaque created. Since the bronze plaques are designed and poured in Italy, and each plaque usually contains about forty inscriptions, we cannot guarantee an installation date. We strive, however, to have inscriptions installed at least once a year.

Your memorial information will be recorded on a Certificate of Recognition and sent to you. All donors and all those honored with a gift at Mary’s Shrine are remembered in all of the prayers and Masses offered here, in perpetuity.

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