Our Lady of Guadelupe

Five-panel mosaic crafted by Domus Dei Studio, Rome

In 1531, Our Lady appeared to Juan Diego, a 55-year old native Mexican Indian.  The right hand panel shows Diego showing his Tilma or cloak, on which appeared the image of Our Lady, to the local bishop.

In 1961, Pope John XXIII extrolled Our Lady of Guadelupe as the "Mother of the Americas."  The moving prayer he composed exemplified his filial devotion and homage to her:

"Hail Mother of the Americas, heavenly Missionary of the New World!  From the sanctuary of Tepeyac, for more than four centuries you have been the mother and teacher of the Faith to the peoples of the Americas.  Be also our protection and save us, O Immaculate Mary.  Aid our rulers; stir up a new zeal in our prelates; increase the virtues of our clergy and preserve forever our faith.   In every home may the holiness of the family flourish, and in the shelter of the home may Catholic education, favored by your own benign glance, achieve a wholesome growth."

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