Madonna and Child

Diana Mendoza

oil on canvas - 24" x 24"


Peruvian artist, Diana Mendoza, has a unique painting style that is most distinctive.  Her work tends toward the ethereal element of our spiritual nature.  Observers of her work may see other images such as angels incorporated into her composition.  She draws upon these archetypes not only for religious significance, but also to celebrate the relationship between mother and child.

This much celebrated artist paints in a Byzantine style, or also known as the Prerenaissance style.  Her inspiration are the old masters - Giotto and Cimabue, who influenced Michangelo and Rafael.

The Byzantines often painted on gold leaf or copper.  Using an antique laquer to give the painting an old world feel, Mendoza captures this essence so technically brilliant that she seems to transform the canvas itself.

Shrine Permanent Collection -  Acquired 2002

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