Madonna of the Rosary

Margaret Farr

watercolor, with metal leaf and shell gold, 21.5" x 28.5"


Bontanical artist, Margaret Farr, has largely applied her art to the study of things of nature, and finds it easiest to begin her inquiries into Catholic themes from that comfortable vantage point.  It was no great leap for Farr to transform her artistic excitment over glorious creation of nature to a similar desire to glorify the beauty of Our Lady. 

Working with only live plants, Farr organizes her Marian projects in a seasonal way.  She references a feast day or event in the life of Our Lady and celebrates that with floral that is in bloom.  

The Madonna of the Rosary is surrounded by plants found in Farr's Virginia garden in the month of October:  camellias, roses, pansies, juniper, winterberry, and nandina.  Mary is depicted as a young Jewish girl who "ponders in her heart" the mystery of which she has been a part.

Shrine Permanent Collection - Acquired 2008

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