Magnificat Windows at the Basilica

The series of elegantly crafted Magnificat Windows, which bring light into the interior worship spaces at the Basilica of the National Shrine of Mary, Queen of the Universe, illuminate a centuries-old tradition through which the Church has sought to instruct succeeding generations of the faithful in both sacred history and Biblical teachings. And, while the artistic use of stained glass ornamentation can be traced to artisans and craftsmen of Asian cultures more than three centuries before the birth of Christ, it was the church – most notably, during the prolific era of cathedral building across 12th century Europe – that gave fullest expression to this ancient art form. Indeed, as the chancellor of Chartres Cathedral, Peter of Rossily, would write in the early 13th century: such works seemed as Divine Writings- glowing images in glass...

Seven centuries later, this promise of joining the People of God ever more intimately with their Creator, has been largely embraced by the Magnificat Project at Mary, Queen of the Universe. Completed in 1999, the Magnificat series does much to illumine the truly historic and theological aspects of our faith – while conveying as well the joy in our developing relationship with Christ and His blessed mother.

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