Easter Appeal

March 15, 2017

Dear Friends of Mary’s Shrine,

I write today to offer you my prayers and encouragement as you continue your journey through the important season of Lent… a lovely time of year in preparation for Easter.

Recently, I had a conversation with a discouraged young woman. She was struggling with a failed relationship, and the absence of support from those she counted on. She also described her creeping sense that somehow she was a disappointment to God.

I assured her that feeling distant from God happens to us all periodically. It is the feeling of isolation, loneliness even in a relationship to God.

Have you ever wondered, “Is God here for me right now when I need Him?”

Easter reassures us that God is in this world and He is here, patiently waiting for us to turn in His direction. It is natural to feel alone when you are struggling over something and to lose sight of the nearness and beauty of His Divine presence.

Yet all the time, He is very near. God is the love in our hearts, even when we are not feeling too loving. He is in the faces of those around us. He is in the midst of our struggles.

Many people come to us at Mary Queen of the Universe on a pilgrimage searching for God’s touch in their life. I want to say to them and to you: you are not alone. I encourage you also to seek the love of Jesus’ Blessed Mother who reaches out to provide comfort, support and encouragement.

Please allow us to share your journey. Send us your intentions on the enclosed petition form. Any gift you may choose to also send is used directly for the building up of our ministry here at Mary’s Shrine.

I wish to share with you this simple prayer… a little act of faith in our Risen Savior.

“I believe, Lord, not simply that you exist in some abstract, distant way, but that you love me and are here with me, and that you are for me, my advocate, my defender, the source of my light and my courage right here and now.”

May God Bless you during this season of Lent and in the Easter season that is to come.

Fr. Paul Henry

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