All Souls Appeal

October 5, 2017

Dear Friends of Mary’s Shrine,

November is the month of remembering: All Saints, All Souls, Veterans Day, Thanksgiving, and Advent soon approaching. There is so much of our common and personal histories to recall.

Why is it important to remember? Because our Hebrew forefathers taught us the importance of remembering our ancestors, their communities, their moments of peace and prosperity. This is continued in the story of our Christian faith. We try to make sense of our small lives by placing them in a bigger framework that includes so many others.

In the days ahead especially, we will reflect on the “communion of saints”… that great group of believers, both living and dead.

Like any community, we want to support each other. It is just as natural to pray for someone who has died as it is for someone who is still alive. We are encouraged to consider this as we trust in God’s mercy. The Catholic way is to pray for those who belong to us…that the time of “purification” (Purgatory) may be shortened.

At Mary, Queen of the Universe Shrine, we find deep satisfaction and even joy to share with you the responsibility of remembering…of praying with you for your loved ones, particularly on the Feast of All Souls and throughout the month of November.

Please include their names on the enclosed petition slip. We will pray for them every day at Mass, and in each Rosary, and in every prayerful moment. Their names will be placed at the altar.

May the Blessed Mother of God shine her love upon us and tenderly guide our loved ones safely home to our Father’s house.

In the love of Jesus and Mary,

Very Reverend Paul J. Henry

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