Father's Day Appeal

May 17, 2017

Dear Friends of Mary’s Shrine,

Here at the Shrine of Mary there is a beautiful image of a special father. His name is Joseph. His statue, which is famous around here, is striking, because it has Joseph sitting at his workbench… looking up in amazement at the boy, Jesus, who is seated as he converses with his father.

As I was gazing recently at this remarkable image I thought of the last time I saw my father. He was getting on a plane in Orlando to go to Ireland and he passed away just a few weeks later. As I looked at Joseph and Jesus, I said to myself, “I wish I could have said a more tender ‘thank you’ that day and given my father one last hug.” I am grateful for him every day and wish that everybody could feel as blessed by their fathers as I feel about the gift that he was in my life.

I write to you today to offer a word of encouragement to seek out your father and in some way communicate that he occupies a singular special place in your existence.

God doesn’t overlook those we love. He doesn’t want us to either – “I will not forget you – I have you in the palm of my hand.” Isaiah 49:15

At Mary Queen of the Universe, we want to join you in celebrating fathers …those on earth, those in heaven and those who symbolically fulfill that role for us in special ways. We want to thank God – for those good men who may not be perfect but, who desire to do the very best for us.

Allow us to bring your special prayers of petition before the altar of God. It is a special way for you to express your love for your father…to remember and to sustain the bond. Please use the intention form enclosed and also include your intentions for health, peace, healing and for family.

We thank you for allowing us to join you in prayer - we are privileged to do this every day, especially during the month of June. Blessings to you now and always.

In the love of Jesus, Mary and Joseph,

Very Reverend Fr. Paul Henry

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