Christmas Appeal

November 30, 2017

Dear Friends of Mary’s Shrine,

I send you wishes for peace and blessings from Mary, Queen of the Universe Shrine.

Advent is that season leading to the loveliest feast of the year. It is about an event which evokes a response, we pray, from every human heart…and it has the potential to unite people in every quiet and exotic place in the world.

We are preparing to celebrate the birthday of Jesus Christ. The Church describes it in a Christmas prayer: “By His Incarnation, by becoming a man, Jesus has united Himself in some fashion with every person. He worked with human hands – He thought with a human mind – He acted by human choice – and He loved with a human heart.”

Of all the planets in the universe, God chose ours and because of Jesus we are touched by His love.

At Christmas, we unite as one family… and we celebrate that His desire is for each one of us to come to the Table, with people gathering from every city and remote desert place to rejoice together at Christmas Mass.

It may not be possible for us all to gather at Mary’s Shrine but we are together in spirit, including our loved ones who have gone before us. And at Christmas Mass, at Holy Communion, we can whisper their names tenderly to God.

I invite you to share the names of all those you love for our Christmas Novena. Together with your intentions they will be placed at the altar for the entire Advent and Christmas seasons.

May this time be filled with the light of God’s love for you. Let us look forward in faith to the loveliness of this celebration of Jesus’ birth.

Merry Christmas in the Love of Jesus, Mary and Joseph,

Very Reverend Paul J. Henry

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