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Ave Marie, gratia plena | Hail Mary, full of grace

The logo for Mary, Queen of the Universe, was redesigned in early 2020. It was inspired by the face of the Mother and Child statue created by artist Jill Burkee which graces an area to the right of the altar at the front of the sanctuary. This piece of sacred art is a focal point in the church, the faithful are drawn to her gentle serenity and its capture of this beautiful moment of motherhood.

Blue is the traditional color associated with Mary and is often referred to as “Marian Blue”. The color has a number of meanings: it is mentioned in the Old Testament as a color used for cords and cloth related to following the Commandments (and Mary lived out the Commandments by saying yes to God) and adorning the Ark of the Covenant (Mary is seen as the new Ark of the Covenant since she bore within her the Divine Presence.) Blue in iconography (ancient art) represents transcendence, the sky/heavens, mystery, the divine, an empress or queen. The shade and texture of the blue used in the logo is to represent heavenly sky.

The stars around her head symbolize Mary as Queen of heaven. They also represent the 12 tribes of Israel and the 12 apostles.

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