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As we approach Mother’s Day it is so – very – important to recall the incredible role our mothers have played in our lives – not to mention in our faith.

Our moms are the first to teach us about sacrifice. For many of us our moms’ impact on our spiritual lives is hard to overstate. As Christians we’re commanded to honor our mothers, to offer them the gratitude they deserve for all that they’ve done for us.

If anyone ever ‘glorified’ his mother it is JESUS CHRIST – the Crucified, Risen, Triumphant Word Incarnate – the One whose Mother embodied a generosity, patience, and solicitous mercy that made her “blessed among women” for all Eternity. (Luke 1:42)

That is why I am writing to you today, to ask for your support in our Queen of the Universe Mother’s Day Appeal.

By making a sacrificial gift not only can you support Our Lady’s Shrine but you can help some mothers praying to make ends meet both spiritually and materially. Your generosity not only makes a difference in the spiritual lives of mothers and families – but is a beautiful way to honor the incredible women who have given us so much.

Your gift is a way of saying thank you for all the mothers who have touched our lives, to honor all the sacrifices they’ve made, and the love they so freely have shared. Please share your love today.

Thank you for your loving support and may our blessed Mother keep you in her embrace.

In Jesus and Mary,

Very Reverend Anthony Aarons, Missionary of Mercy


P.S. In the words of Sacred Scripture, “… who reveres his mother…lays up riches.” (Sirach 3:4). For this reason every gift received for Mother’s Day a rose will be placed before the altar at Our Lady Queen of the Universe through Mother’s Day 2023, as we mark the day with a Festival of Roses

Unite yourself with us in prayer on Mother’s Day and throughout the month of May, the month we renew our dedication to Mary, the Mother of God.

Along with your offering, we invite you to list the name(s) of those you wish honored/memorialized this Mother’s Day. We will include these names in the Basilica’s Mother’s Day Honor Roll and place a rose, dedicated in their names, before the altar.