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Dear Sister and Brothers in the Lord,

There was a time in the Church when almost universally, First Holy Communion would be celebrated on the second Sunday in May. You might recognize this Easter day by another title, “Mother’s Day.” And what wonderful celebrations there were … families gathered together … families sharing in the Eucharist together … younger members coming to the Lord’s table for the very first time in Holy Communion … and large multi-generational crowning the Eucharistic Banquet with the finest of home Sunday dinners! Of course, that weekend also provided the opportunity for the annual “May Crowning” of the Blessed Mother!

On such a wonderful weekend we can celebrate Mary as both “Mother of the Church” and “Mother of the Eucharist” since it was through her that we have all received the gift of her Son, the Savior of the World.

As we gather to celebrate the Eucharist on “Mother’s Day,” May 9, 2021, we offer our prayers in thanksgiving to our Blessed Mother of the Eucharist, for our own mothers who gave us the gift of life, and for the gift of the Eucharist which sustains us to eternal life.

May God, who willed to redeem the human family through the maternity of the Blessed Virgin Mary, be pleased to enrich you with his blessing!

Sincerely in Christ,

Fr. Bob Webster

Unite yourself with us in prayer on Mother’s Day and throughout the month of May, the month we renew our dedication to Mary, the Mother of God.

Along with your offering, we invite you to list the name(s) of those you wish honored/memorialized this Mother’s Day. We will include these names in the Basilica’s Mother’s Day Honor Roll and place a rose, dedicated in their names, before the altar.